AVOCET ABS MK3 Double Keyed Euro Cylinder Lock

Each ABS MK3 Double keyed euro cylinder lock is supplied with 3 keys.

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The Avocet ABS MK3 snap secure euro cylinder lock has achieved the maximum British Standard TS007 2012, 3 star certification along with the Sold Secure Diamond rating SS312. Making it in our opinion one of the most secure euro cylinder locks on the market.

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30mm (Int) x 30mm (Ext), 30mm (Int) x 35mm (Ext), 30mm (Int) x 40mm (Ext), 30mm (Int) x 45mm (Ext), 30mm (Int) x 50mm (Ext), 30mm (Int) x 55mm (Ext), 30mm (Int) x 60mm (Ext), 35mm (Int) x 30mm (Ext), 35mm (Int) x 35mm (Ext), 35mm (Int) x 40mm (Ext), 35mm (Int) x 45mm (Ext), 35mm (Int) x 50mm (Ext), 35mm (Int) x 55mm (Ext), 35mm (Int) x 60mm (Ext), 40mm (Int) x 30mm (Ext), 40mm (Int) x 35mm (Ext), 40mm (Int) x 40mm (Ext), 40mm (Int) x 45mm (Ext), 40mm (Int) x 50mm (Ext), 40mm (Int) x 55mm (Ext), 40mm (Int) x 60mm (Ext), 45mm (Int) x 30mm (Ext), 45mm (Int) x 35mm (Ext), 45mm (Int) x 40mm (Ext), 45mm (Int) x 45mm (Ext), 45mm (Int) x 50mm (Ext), 45mm (Int) x 55mm (Ext), 45mm (Int) x 60mm (Ext), 50mm (Int) x 30mm (Ext), 50mm (Int) x 35mm (Ext), 50mm (Int) x 40mm (Ext), 50mm (Int) x 45mm (Ext), 50mm (Int) x 50mm (Ext), 50mm (Int) x 55mm (Ext), 50mm (Int) x 60mm (Ext), 55mm (Int) x 30mm (Ext), 55mm (Int) x 35mm (Ext), 55mm (Int) x 40mm (Ext), 55mm (Int) x 45mm (Ext), 55mm (Int) x 50mm (Ext), 55mm (Int) x 55mm (Ext), 55mm (Int) x 60mm (Ext), 60mm (Int) x 30mm (Ext), 60mm (Int) x 35mm (Ext), 60mm (Int) x 40mm (Ext), 60mm (Int) x 45mm (Ext), 60mm (Int) x 55mm (Ext), 60mm (Int) x 60mm (Ext), 65mm (Int) x 45mm (Ext), 75mm (Int) x 30mm (Ext), 75mm (Int) x 35mm (Ext), 75mm (Int) x 40mm (Ext), 75mm (Int) x 45mm (Ext), 75mm (Int) x 50mm (Ext), 75mm (Int) x 55mm (Ext), 75mm (Int) x 60mm (Ext), 85mm (Int) x 30mm (Ext), 85mm (Int) x 35mm (Ext), 85mm (Int) x 50mm (Ext), 85mm (Int) x 55mm (Ext), 90mm (Int) x 55mm (Ext)

Lock Finish

Brass, Polished Chrome

Total Keys Required

3 keys (As Standard), 4 keys (+£4.75), 5 keys (+£9.50), 6 keys (+£14.25), 7 keys (+£19.00), 8 keys (+£23.75), 9 keys (+£28.50), 10 keys (+£33.25)